Computer Virus infecting you with STRESS???

YOUR Personal IT Team can help


Cloud Computing

Being able to access your Programs and Data via the Internet is a growing trend that both Businesses and Consumers are starting to utilize. We can show you how to can work for you.



Everyday, you hear stories of Viruses Malware and  Ransom-ware  attacks . Let us help you secure your Computers, Laptops & Mobile devices, so that you're not a victim in these stories.


Mobile Computing is a way of life for pretty much everyone. We can support you in Real-Time, remotely, no matter where you are, to keep you moving throughout your day.

What Can Your Personal IT Team Provide For You?


In addition to On-Site services, we can securely connect to your Computer or Cell Phone to troubleshoot your issue. Or, with a click of a button, you can connect instantly with Your IT team for assistance.  

Remote / On Site

Introductory 90-Day Service Plan
Pay Less / Be Protected More

Blerd Techs are here to help your Small Business get the most from your Technical Services, while maintaining low costs. From Systems Support  to Basic Hardware / Software (Applications) training, we'll provided a cost effective Service and Solution that you can afford.

Helping You Find The Right I.T. Solutions